Client Testimonials

"I worked with a senior RSC Consultant for almost 3 years at a Biotech Company. He was always a positive enthusiastic person with a lot of experience. We always found solutions to problems and were able to be proactive in anticipating the need for solutions. He is very detail oriented and understands both details and the big picture. A unique talent. I would definitely work with him again."

Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, Biotech Company

"I have worked with a Senior RSC Consultant that has an outstanding background in Regulatory Affairs issues. His particular strength has been in identifying and implementing state-of-the-art practices to keep up with and anticipate changes in the regulatory environment. He has experience managing both large and small initiatives for improvement and driving forward improvements despite the inertia that is particularly prevalent in larger organizations."

Senior Director, Top 10 Biotech Company

"I have known and worked with a Senior RSC Consultant for more than 2 years. Her is a well respected leader and a good team player with many years of Regulatory experience working at multi-national large pharmaceutical and small innovative biotech companies. I am impressed with his breadth of Regulatory knowledge and experience, as well as the integrity and quality of his Regulatory work. He emphasizes that Regulatory and Compliance should be data driven and the data need to be integral, traceable, and of high quality. I would highly recommend him for any of your Regulatory and Compliance needs."

VP, Operations, Biotech Company

"I have been extremely impressed with the RSC Consultant's personality and performance over the two years we have worked together. I have seen him blend seamlessly into our existing group as he supported the organization as a Regulatory Affairs consultant. Although he was given the responsibility to lead the regulatory efforts on existing complex programs, he managed to fully master all key aspects in a record time. He has since then managed both clinical gene therapy and pre-IND vaccine programs extremely successfully. His responsibilities on our programs have included not only the regulatory aspects, but also some Clinical, Quality assurance and Project Management assignments. His extensive background in product development and leadership experience have been instrumental in successfully reaching important milestones over the past few years. His easy going personality makes it a pleasure to work along with him."

Sr.Director, Vaccines and Immunology, Biotech Company

". I have been working with a RSC Consultant for the past two years and the wealth of experience and expertise he brought to us surpassed the simple role of Regulatory Consultant that he was initially hired to do. His talents and skills in the different areas of management and more importantly therapeutic product development are impressive. When you work with him, you have access to over 20 years of strategic therapeutic product development gained in large and small Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical firms, and this is priceless."

Vice President of Research & Development, Biotech Company

"I had the pleasure of working for a RSC Consultant in his role as VP of Regulatory Affairs/Quality assurance at a biotechnology company. He is very knowledgeable and highly experienced in the regulatory domain. Working for him was a great learning experience for me as I witnessed him taking the lead in multiple projects and complex tasks. He is a solution-focused professional who has the ability to rapidly understand a client's needs and quickly identify potential solutions. His experience in managing and leading large teams was evident during the course of my work with him and he has demonstrated profound regulatory knowledge and expertise. When faced with challenging client situations, he exercises good judgment and continues to maintain a positive rapport with the client. He went above and beyond client expectations numerous times to help provide a solution or to suggest enhancements that would streamline processes. It was truly a pleasure to work with him,he stood out not only with his professional experience but also on the personal level. He is great to work with, has a positive outlook towards things, and always has good advice to offer." June 7, 2009

Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Pharmalink Consulting

"The RSC Consultant combined an in-depth knowledge of regulatory affairs with leadership, organizational, and strategic qualities not normally found in one individual. He brought to his consulting work not only the drug development know-how formed from his many years in biotech, but also a sense of team work and dedication. I would gladly work with him again in the future."

Senior Consultant, Biologics Consulting Group