• At RegSource Consulting we take the time to understand your business, your values and the type of employees you want to hire. We understand the complexity involved in hiring ideal product development and regulatory professionals, especially in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry.
  • Our sourcing teams mine our own vast database of exceptional talent. They also access areas that no one consistently takes the time or resources to go to... specialized industry networks, hundreds of resume databases, even blogs and chat communities to reach hard to find candidates and people who aren't actively looking.
  • Our in-depth interviews go beyond the standard answers to discover if an individual's skills, experience, personality and motivation are suited to your company.
  • One of our prime goals is to save you valuable time and money, we do that by not only presenting you with the most qualified candidates but also by helping you close the deal by using best practices through the offer and negotiation process.
  • And we don't just end our services there... We follow through with complete candidate on boarding, including reference checks, background screening and logistical co-ordination.

  • Product Development and Regulatory Professionals

  • At RegSource Consulting our mission is to work with product development and regulatory professionals to match the responsibilities, job requirements and company culture they hope to find in any new position.
  • We present you with as much information as possible about the Client Company so you are well prepared for the interview in addition to coaching you on proper interview techniques and helping you with compensation negotiations.
  • We take the time to listen to you in order to meet your personal and professional goals and provide support and counsel throughout the entire hiring process and throughout your career.
  • We always ensure clear and open communication between RegSource Consulting and you to guarantee success.